Language and Literacy

Language is a means of communication and a method of cooperation and begins at birth. At Elite Kids Daycare and kindergarten Montessori, we believe that children are born with the ability to acquire language and further development of language occurs through the interactions with our environment. Our activities encourage listening skills, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

We teach children how to read using the phonics approach which involves the learning of letter sounds and blending them to read. By the time our learners graduate for Primary school, they have been exposed to the 44 sounds in the English language.

Children are given a number of opportunities to develop their fine motor skills, develop and strong grip and learn to form letters and numbers the right way. Handwriting is a very important skill, it is a basic tool used in many subjects and poor handwriting can have a persistent effect on school performance. Through hands on activities in our learning centres children are encourage to build their vocabulary aligned with the ECD Framework themes.


  • Learning the letters by learning their shapes and practicing the sound it makes.
  • Mimicking actions and learning the names of fingers through finger plays.
  • Learning about different types of vehicles, like dump trucks, tractors and buses.